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All the programs are innovative, experiential, exploratory, participatory and democratic.  They are designed to complement what students learn at home and the school.

​Transformative thinking programs are bridge courses that give exposure to team building -- multitasking, and interdisciplinary programs in science and arts. Teach Tamil and English as first and second languages.


Technical skill-building gives professional enhancement training, technical skills, computer applications, and exposure to online learning resources. The computer application modules are adapted to suit different learners.

Community based educational program helps identify the best approaches to teach and learn from the community. Critical thinking that’s infused with an inclusive spirit forms the core of this program.


Seasonal children’s camps every year in May, September and December in conjunction with school vacations the Trust hosts camps for children of 9-14 years. These are STEM and art-based programs.


Supplementary classes in mathematics, science and arts, from June to December every year. Personal tutorials and supplementary classes are offered during weekends, for underserved students with different needs. 

​DDM is a four-year multi-disciplinary diploma course in dance, drawing and multimedia applications.

Teacher education programs cover educational psychology, and teaching methods. A wide range of topics from trust building in a class room, holistic communication skills, performance assessment, potentials for leadership and teamwork, measuring happiness quotient, honesty,  learning attitudes, cohesive individual group work, to academic and non-academic group tasks in the class rooms form themes for workshops.

The goal is to enable teachers to learn, unlearn, and relearn with every class with whom they engage.

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