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 The activities

  •  Involve professors of various subjects  in preparing the curriculum for short term classes and hourly modules.

  •  Network with peer educators and volunteer trainers, and making use of their services optimally.

  •  Plan electricity and water usage systematically and providing the facilities with 0 wastage.

  •  Employ Organic and honest marketing strategies - peer to peer campaign has done the essential trust building. 

  •  Ensure diversity in the classroom, equality, and value for the learners' time.

  • Provide a positive learning environment that places exploring concepts through experiments and inference as priority—and in that order.

  •  The students needs are emphasized, assessed, and the teaching methods are mostly collaborative.

  • Do discrete affirmative action by offering fee waiver, travel scholarships and other benefits for the underprivileged.

  • Encourage creative expression, critical thinking, values, and attitude for self-learning for a life time. 

     Functional English classes

Transformative Art Education and Outreach Programs  .

Peer Educators' Program

      STEM and Language Classes

Dance, Drawing and Digital Media .

Children's Camp

       Teacher Education

Basic Computer Education 

If you are thinking about making a general contribution, please consider the following areas....

$1 will cover travel sponsorship for a student for three days!

$ 5 will provide one day’s nutritional supplements for 15 students.

$10 will cover one month’s Travel scholarship for English classes for one student

$ 25 will cover one month’s Computer classes for one student

$ 50 will cover one month’s computer and English classes for two students

$100 will cover the electricity overheads for the computer class per month.

$200 will cover the data charges and internet connection for the computer classes for two months

$300 will cover the 4 full scholarship for liberal arts and music degree courses.  

(Per year this comes to 8000/-)

$400 will cover replacement of one desktop computer of latest configuration. 

$500 will cover the cost of anti viruses for all the computers for a year. 

Support us!  Thanks

Current  programs.

I. 101.1 Language courses –  English and Tamil   Per student annual  sponsorship value: $60           

II.  101.2   Peer educator’s Teacher training – STEM, languages, Quantitative aptitude, and computer - social entrepreneurship, and vocational training  Per student annual sponsorship value: $60

III. 101.3 Performing and Visual arts courses :DDM  course – Junior level for school children –  performing, visuaarts and computer application   Per student annual sponsorship value: $75

IV   101.3a Performing and Visual arts courses - DDM course – senior level for college goers in the age group of 15 and above    Per student annual sponsorship value: $100

V.  101.4. STEM – environmental education and social entrepreneurship  Per student annual sponsorship value:  $40

VI.  101.5  Integrated Training Program for recruitment exams – Special focus on TNPSC  Per student annual sponsorship value: $40

101.6 Computer, internet and English   Per student annual sponsorship value:$125

Important : If you would like to make a general contribution and allow AJ Trust Madurai to utilize the contribution in the most fit way then please mention in the donor form as:
I/We authorize the trustees to utilize the contribution     Appropriately in the most needy area and report to us.
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